Target Species



Redfish-The big bully on the flats. The hard fighting redfish can be found in very shallow water or in deeper water in the bays and Gulf of Mexico.  Redfish can be sight fished or caught while drifting or at anchor.  Reds typically feed on shrimp, crabs, and smaller finfish.  They are very hard fighters and are always fun to catch on light tackle.

Speckled Trout


Speckled Trout-Found inshore over grassflats, and sandy bottoms; these fish move into slow-moving  deep waters in cold weather.   We commonly catch speckled trout up to 4 pounds along the Emerald Coast, several fish over 8 lbs are caught each year in our region.




Flounder-The tastey inshore flat-fish. Flounder can be caught year round in our area.  We typically catch flounder over sandy or muddy bottoms but can be found hiding on the grass and on near shore reefs and wrecks.




Kingfish-The fast running king mackerel can be found very close to shore in the Florida Panhandle.  We commonly catch kings upwards of 30 lbs within 1 mile from the beach.  Drifting live baits and trolling works very well.



Pompano-The Florida Pompano is a great fish to catch on light tackle.  They can be taken on small buck tail jigs and live shrimp or live sand fleas.  Pompano cruise up and down our beaches all year long.  They can be sight fished and make excellent table fare.



Amberjack-Also known as reef donkey’s, these fish are found on nearshore and offshore wrecks.  AJ’s are extremely hard fighting and also taste great on the dinner table.




Grouper-The Emerald Coast of Florida is a good place to find grouper.  Typically these fish are found offshore on natural bottom or artficial reefs and wrecks.  Grouper can also be targeted in our bays around deep structure.  Of course they are delicious as well.



Sheepshead-Can be found year round in Northwest Florida.  They are usually found near structure such as bridge pilings and docks.  They are very good to eat and can be caught in abundance certain times of the year.


Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel-The king mackerel’s little cousin, these fish are a blast to catch on light tackle.  They fight hard and swim in large schools up and down our beaches all summer long.  Casting small lures with a quick retrieve is usually productive.


Red Snapper


Red Snapper-The tastey American Red Snapper is extremely abundant along the Florida Panhandle.  They can be caught year round on nearshore wrecks and in deep holes in Pensacola Bay.



Cobia-The brown clown is a local favorite. Cobia are found migrating from east to west along the Panhandle beaches every spring. Our fish are bigger than anywhere else in Florida without question. Sight fishing is at its finest when the cobia are moving through the area.